Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ruby Tuesday...Volume 1

I'm a new fur mama!  Well not really, since my pup has no hair.  Meet Reuben, my new Chinese Crested hairless.  Ruby was a Christmas present from Mr. Whoa.  I was actually supposed to get a different pup, but the breeder was a shady lady.

A lot of people push for rescuing dogs, which I support as well.  In our case, Mr. Whoa is allergic to dogs/cats/birds...etc.  Even the hypo allergenic pups bother him.  I had to research different breeders online, and I stumbled across this picture:

I squeeled, showed Mr. Whoa the picture, and he told me to contact the breeder.  I had to fill out an application and even provide three references.  I thought I was applying for a loan or a job.  She called me on the phone a couple of times and then told me she accepted me for the adoption.

Ruby flew in from Ohio about two weeks later.  He's been a little asshole to potty train, but he is such a lover.

Sometimes too much of a lover.....