Tuesday, February 5, 2013

10,000 calorie challenge: January

Well I didn't make it.  Close, but not quite.  I was super miffed because my phone flew out of my lunch bag and broke, so I lost my HRM pictures from practice on 1/2 and 1/7.  I didn't count them as I can't remember them, plus its my punishment for not keeping up on my food/work out journal.

Roller derby practice 1/9

Insanity fit test

Roller derby practice 1/14


Roller derby practice 1/16

Frostbite 5K 1/18

Roller Derby practice 1/21

Roller derby practice 1/23

Roller Derby practice 1/28

I went roller skating the weekend of the 25th, but I didn't wear my HRM.

Total burned:             6247
Calories from goal:    3753  (So with the missing practices and roller skating I may have made it!)

Maybe next month!

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