Wednesday, July 17, 2013

June 5K-Race for the Cure!

 I absolutely love this race.  Due to working 3rd/all-weekend shift I have not been able to participate the last two years.  This is a 5K my sister and I have been doing together for a long time.  My nephew Bloom loves to run, so this year he came with us.  I remember pushing him in a stroller for this race about seven years ago, and now he run along with us!

As I have said before when my sister and I go together we just walk so we can catch up.  We walked the 5K in about 50ish minutes. 

This race is a lot of fun with all the bands and spectators that come watch.  We always walk thru a Hispanic neighborhood and they always decorate their outside, have music, and cheer the loudest for everyone.

It was a good time...felt good to do it again!

We're usually pretty silly together

Stretching out before the race!

Race for the a singlet?
After race treat...Reuben Rolls!

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