Thursday, July 11, 2013

St. Patrick's Day 5K!

Kiss me, I'm Iowish.

I'm Irish and my family has always made a huge deal about St. Patrick's Day.  I go to my sister's every year because there is a huge parade (the only bi-state parade in America) and you can drink green beer right on the street.  My sister and nephew ran the family 1 mile run, and I did the 5K on my own.  It was pretty chilli out for being mid March.  The course was a nice flat run downtown.  The atmosphere was awesome with the crowd, Irish music, and seeing orange, white, and green flags flown everywhere. 

I finished in just over 38 minutes....10 minutes faster than my January run.

The next day we soaked up the soreness and booze with some tasty corned beef and cabbage.

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