Friday, July 12, 2013

One 5K a month? Why not four?

 April was a busy month!  For some reason I signed up for not just one, but four 5Ks.

The first one I did was the Fools 5K.  Trekman Racing is a local company who puts on quality race events.  They also sponsor our roller derby team!  I really liked this race.  The course was in one of the state parks.  Very pretty, but it was freezing that day!

I liked this race because they line participants up by their average mile time.  So slower ones like me, started in the back.  I normally do anyway, but there are a lot of people who start where they shouldn't.  My goal was to finish under 40 minutes, and I finished in 39:21.

 The next race I did was the Stomp Out Sexual Assult 5K.  This race raised money for a local domestic abuse agency.  The course was on a golf course, and with huge hills and frost, this was not so fun.  I don't remember my time exactly, but I believe it was 45ish minutes.

 My next 5K was the Powder Run, put on by our local community college.  I walked with one of my roller derby teammates and one of her friends.  In the picture with me is Abby Long-Legs.  Her and I started derby together.  Sweet girl she is!  It was on a Tuesday night, which is a little strange.  It was very cold, and a lot of the race was in an open field.

There were three color stations, and dirt and worms to eat at the end.
 The last run I did was the March of Dimes.  This was a 4.5 mile walk.  The Push-Up Brawlers were asked to be involved.  We had a team put together to raise money and walk the race.  Thanks to my awesome family and friends, I was able to raise over $600!  It felt really good to do something like that. 

Pictured with me is Abby Long-Legs, Desmo, Little Desmo, and Occupational Hazard.  The weather was lovely that day.

It may be a little excessive to do four 5Ks in one month, but if they are for a good cause, I figured I could spare a couple hours out of my day. 

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