Monday, July 15, 2013

May 5K-The Furry 5K!

This race was totally cute.  Kind of a clusterfuck, but cute.  The Furry 5K raises funds for the Cedar Bend Humane Society, which is our local animal shelter.

The race took place on Mother's Day morning, and I did it with my two besties from work.  Pictured with me is Darrin and his dog Dakka and Ben with his new Beagle, Jake.  Darrin is quite the go-getter, so about five minutes into the race, he and Dakka took off.  Jake was around three months at the time, so Ben and I just had a stroll.  Plus we didn't want to deal with the leash craziness ahead of us.

The weather was great and we didn't step in any poop, so all was good. 

Reuben dressed for the occasion.

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